About Us

Boardman Bros began in September 1969 when Newton and Dennis Boardman formed a partnership trading out of the Tsomo District. Sadly both brothers have passed on but they leave behind a legacy of integrity, family and commitment that still prospers today.

The operation was moved from the Transkei to Stutterheim where production began in earnest with 32 staff members in rented premises of 460 square meters. Stutterheim was the preferred location due to it being an industrial decentralisation zone and it's close proximity to the main railway line from East London to Johannesburg and the split to the Transkei at Amabele.

The factory, initially only a packing operation, went into full production of various proucts in 1971. The range was increased during the same year. Further expansion took place in 1978 with the introduction of a candle manufacturing plant. 

Another factory building was built in Ladysmith, Kwa Zulu Natal, in 1985 and incorporated as Boardman Bros (Natal) (Pty) Ltd. This facory produces the same range of products with the exception of the wire nails which are only produced at Stutterheim. Since then both factories have been expanded a couple of times.

Family Values

A shared vision and strong family values ensure prosperity- this is the key to Newden's success. As the second generation of Boardmans follow in the footstpes of their fathers, they celebrate four decades of success. And so the desire remains to grow a successful, profitable and sustainable family business that can one day be handed over to the third generation.

Communication is vital in a family business and growing up together has forged a lasting relationship between the sons of Dennis and Newton Boardman. The Boardman clan were brought up with the good old fashioned values of honesty and reliability which have glued the business and the family together.


Common Goals

The long-term common goal is to hand over the business to the third generation. The short term goal is to ensure that Boardman Bros remains a successful, profitable and growing business.



An ethos of social responsibility has always been part of the company. The Boardmans believe that being in a small town like Stutterheim has tremendous benefits and to enjoy them one has to contribute to the wellbeing of such a community.