Acrylic PVA

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Luxury Satin Smooth


Luxury Sheenkote

Newden PVA Satin Smooth White 5Lt 2



Newden Luxury Sheen Kote 5Lt

A premium quality, fully washable satin finish acrylic paint.

Sizes: 1L, 5L and 20L


A premium quality, fully washable interior/exterior durable pure
emulsion paint with a sheen finish.

Sizes: 1L, 5L and 20L



Classic Tuffkote


 Classic Wundakote


Classic Fillakote 

Newden Classic Acrylic PVA Tuffkote 5lt   Newden Classic Acrylic PVA WundaKote    Newden Classic Acrylic PVA Fillakote

Textured with Mica.

A flexible emulsion paint, that provides a fine
textured finish and effectively fills and covers
surface defects; contains mica and silica.

Variants: Savanna Sprite, Dark Honey, Venetian
Green, Bingo Green, Tuscan, Twilight, Desert
Dune, Camps Bay, Kei Sand and Earthern Stone

Sizes: 5L and 20L


 A premium quality, fully washable acrylic,
with excellent hiding power at an affordable price.

Varients: Pastel, Medium, Deep and Ultra Deep bases.

Sizes: 1L, 5L and 20L


 An ultra-high viscosity, highly pigmented acrylic
emulsion paint used to coat and seal plaster and
previously unpainted walls and ceilings.

Sizes: 5L and 20L



Newden Hi hiding Acrylic PVA Contractors Gen Perpose 20Lt 

 Contractor General Purpose

Newden Contractor.
General Purpose PVA is an excellent value for money new generation
water based 100% acrylic emulsion. Interior/exterior matt coating with
very good hiding power and good scrub resistance.

Colours: White

Sizes: 5L and 20L



Value Acrylic

An economical, smooth, water-based paint with a matt finish. 
Suitable for interior and exterior walls and ceilings.

Colours: White, Honey Cream and Sunset Peach.

Sizes: 5L and 20L

Newden Value Acrylic



Luxury Roofkote Acrylic


Classic Roof Paint

Luxury Roofkote   Newden Classic Acrylic Roof Paint Group1

A premium quality acrylic emulsion paint that has been
specially formulated for painting on roofs.

Colours: Wide range of colours

Sizes: 1L, 5L and 20L


An excellent value for money acrylic emulsion paint that has been
specially formulated for painting on roofs.

Colours: Range of colours

Sizes: 5L and 20L



Numba 1 

Numba 1

An economy general purpose interior/exterior acrylic PVA.

Colours: White and an assorted range on bright colours

Sizes: 5L and 20L




An economic high-cover acrylic PVA suitable for interior
and exterior use.

Colours: White, Black, Cream and Golden Brown.

Sizes: 5lt and 20lt 

 Newden Budget Kote Hi Cover Acrylic PVA 5L



Supa PVA 


Ceiling Paint 

 Supa PVA 20L 2    Newden Ceiling Paint 20Lt

An economy acrylic PVA for interior use only.

Colours: Available in a range of bright colours

Sizes: 5lt, 10lt and 20lt


A hi-hiding paint giving excellent cover.

Colours: White

Sizes: 5lt



newden acrylic waterproof and membrane 

 Acrylic Waterproofing

Colours: Red Oxide, Green, Burgandy and Grey

Sizes: 5lt

Membrane Only: 200mmx 10m